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Natural Gas Update

Posted: May 12, 2023

Elizabethtown Gas is completing main installation in the northern portion of the Township.  This is the time to request connection.

The installation of this valuable resource means that you now have the opportunity to connect to safe, reliable, affordable natural gas. Connecting to the Elizabethtown natural gas utility will afford you all the benefits of natural Gas!

We are informing residents that your road may be scheduled for repaving or for final restoration by the Elizabethtown natural gas utility.

Any home that is not connected to the Elizabethtown natural gas utility prior to December 2023 will not be able to connect to the gas utility again until after 2028, as a FIVE-YEAR moratorium prohibiting non-emergent road openings will be in effect.

We strongly encourage you to call today to schedule your natural gas installation for at least ONE appliance, and the gas line connection to your home will be installed at no cost to you!!!

If you do not call to connect at least ONE appliance while gas line construction is in progress on your street, you will have to pay for your connection at a later date as well as a street opening permit.

Get Started by simply calling Elizabethtown Gas at: 1.844.886.8488.


New Jersey Natural Gas is coming to Byram!!!

Construction on Section 1 will start this spring.

Section 1 includes all streets in West Brookwood, Route 206 from Acorn Street to Waterloo Road, Waterloo Road and side streets off Waterloo Road.

New Jersey Natural Gas is offering Rebates and Incentives. Contact (848) 206-8340 for more information.


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