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Tamarack Park consists of 206 acres running from Roseville Road directly across from C.O. Johnson Park to Jones Lane off Route 206 on the Andover side of Byram.  Johnson Lake on Tamarack Road is centrally located in Tamarack Park.



Johnson Lake is open to residents for fishing and small, non-motorized boats.  The launch site is on the east end of the lake.


Tamarack Trail runs the length of the park beginning on Roseville Road almost directly across from the Roseville Rd parking lot at C.O. Johnson Park (look for the small diamond shaped Byram Trails marker) and runs above Johnson Lake to the Tamarack Fields located at 10 Jones Lane off Rt. 206.  This trail is a moderate level and is just over 1.5 miles long.


Exit 25 off Route 80, take Route 206 North, about 5 miles to the traffic light at the intersection of Route 206 and Tamarack Road (Cranberry Deli is on the corner).   Continue through the traffic light, about 1/4 of a mile.  On the right, you will pass Jones Lane and the entrance to Tamarack Park is on the right.  If you pass Panther Lake Campground Resort, you've gone too far. 

Park and Area Description:

Within the last few years, Tamarack Park has had 2 large practice fields and parking areas added to the large field near Jones Lane. These fields are now used by various sports programs and are available for community use too.