Trails » Briar Ridge Park Trails


 There are two trails in Briar Ridge Park, one on each side of Andover-Mohawk Road.


Length: 1.5 miles and 1.0 mile

Route Type:  Hiking Trails;  Moderate;  North Trail is steep


Features:   Scenic Vistas over Lake Mohawk on the North Trail with Wetlands on the South Trail

Location: Andover-Mohawk Road

Exit 25 off Route 80, take Route 206 North to Lenape Road to Andover-Mohawk Road.  Travel about 2.9 miles to a small pull-off on the left side of road.  The pull off is between the North and South Trailheads.

Trailhead GPS: 41° 41'0.8" N 74° 74'41.45" W
Trail and Area Description:

These 1.5 mile and 1 mile trails are in Bridge Ridge Park, on both sides of Andover-Mohawk Road. 

The North Trail ascends to a scenic vista over Lake Mohawk and descends to Whippoorwill Road, but access is off Andover-Mohawk Road.   This 1.5 mile trail includes an optional .25 mile loop.  This trail is considered moderate to difficult with steep sections. 

The South Trail is less steep, with a loop at the top near a wetlands and another large wetlands besides the trailhead on Andover-Mohawk Road.  This trail is considered moderate and has some rocky sections.

A hiker recently advised that a mother red tail hawk has decided to make her nest about 50 yards from the trail end!   Photos will be posted when available!