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Did You Know - Recycling Pays!

Posted: February 10, 2017


NJ DEP Releases 2014 Recycling Data - RECYCLING PAYS!

New Jersey has an established goal for its municipalities to achieve a 50% recycling of municipal solid waste. The national recycling rate is 34% and Sussex County achieved 38%, therefore, Sussex County exceeded the national recycling rate! As a result, Byram will receive approximately $17,000 in grant monies, second only behind Sparta within Sussex County.

2014 data released by NJ DEP is summarized below.    

Materials  From 2014

New Jersey

Sussex County

Tonnage of Trash and Recyclable Materials Generated

20.8 million tons

260,000 tons

Municipal Solid Waste Disposed

5.7 million tons

71,000 tons

Bulky Waste Disposed (construction related materials such as wood, metal, sheetrock, etc.)

2.4 million tons

30,000 tons

Municipal Solid Waste Recycled

3.96 million tons

44,200 tons

Total Recycled With Add-ons*

12.84 million tons

159,276 tons

* Add-ons include tonnage reported directly to NJDEP from companies such as Junk Yards and Scrap Metals.

Click here for data from 2010 through 2014.

The top five types of items that were most recycled in NJ include: concrete / asphalt / brick / block, oil contaminated soil, other material (fluorescent lights, paint and other materials not on full list), corrugated and leaves.

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