Trails Advisory Committee

The Trails Advisory commitee is a seven member board whom are all appointed my the Township Coucnil.


1.       Members are responsible for regular physical inspection of trails and are expected to be active hands on participants assisting in the implementation of the goals and objectives of the committee.

2.       Responsible for recommending actions included in the adopted trails master plan for the township.

3.       Review and make recommendations for revisions to the trails master plan as deemed necessary.

4.       Assist with the design and development of trails.

5.       Make recommendations on the construction, maintenance, and upkeep of township trails.

6.       Oversee a volunteer program for trail construction and maintenance that is coordinated with approval of the Township Manager.

7.       Coordinate as necessary with other Township committees, specifically the Recreation Committee, Environmental Commission and the Open Space, Recreation, Farmland Preservation and Historic Preservation Committes.  The trail’s committee shall also work with other volunteer community groups that have interest in the township’s trails.

8.       Make policy recommendations to the Township Council on trail related matters.

9.       Make recommendations to educate the public and promote the Township trail system.

10.   Make recommendations to the Township Council on trail projects for the annual budget.

11.   Address other trail related issues and projects and make recommendations as assigned by the Township Council or Township Manager.


Members are still needed on this commitee.   If you are interested in joining, please send your letter of interest and resume to Cindy Church, Township Clerk at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Appointed Members

  • - Adrian Gonzalez
  • - Jack Niemynski
  • - Jacie Woznicki
  • - Brian Lauridsen