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Clerk / Registrar

2019 Solicitor List
Clerical Contract
DPW Contract
Employment Application
No Solicitation List (updated 10/23/2019)
Police Department Contract

Department of Public Works

Damaged Mailbox Policy
Municipal Stormwater Management Plan
Snow and Ice Control Plan
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Economic Development

Byram Township Sustainable Economic Development Plan - May 2016

Environmental Commission

Community Forestry Management Plan 2020-2024
Guide to Conservation Easements
Lubbers Run Greenway Project Study

Finance / Tax Collector

2011 Annual Financial Statement
2012 Annual Financial Statement
2013 Annual Financial Statement
2013 Municipal Audit
2014 Annual Financial Statement
2014 Municipal Audit
2015 Annual Financial Statement
2015 Employee Salaries
2015 Municipal Audit
2016 Annual Debt Statement
2016 Annual Financial Statement
2016 Employee Salaries
2016 Municipal Audit
2017 Annual Debt Statement
2017 Annual Financial Statement
2017 Employee Salaries
2017 Municipal Audit
2018 Annual Debt Statement
2018 Annual Financial Statement
2018 Cash Management Plan
2018 Employee Salaries
2018 Municipal Audit
2019 Annual Debt Statement
2019 Annual Financial Statement
2019 Employee Salaries
Byram Department of Public Works Salary Ordinance
Byram Township Administrative Salary Ordinance
Byram Township Clerical Salary Ordinance
Byram Township Police Department Salary Ordinance
Cash Receipts & Disbursements Policy
Fund Balance Policy
Township Purchasing Manual

Fire Prevention

Public Protection Classification Summary Report - ISO Report

Health Department

Septic System Guide
Sussex County Waste Water Management Plan
Vaping Pamphlet

Open Space Committee

2010 Open Space & Recreation Plan
2020-2029 Forest Stewardship Plan

Planning & Zoning

2018 Draft Byram Township Zoning Map
Affordable Housing: 2019 Annual Report - Affordable Housing Activity
Affordable Housing: Housing Element and Fair Share Plan
Affordable Housing: Settlement Agreement FSHC
Byram Township Design Guide
Byram Township Master Plan
Byram Township Master Plan Re-examination Report
Township of Byram Highlands Environmental Resource Inventory May 2011
Township of Byram Master Plan Highlands Element
Township of Byram Open Space and Outdoor Recreation Plan Update 2010
Township of Byram Sustainability Element to the Master Plan

Tax Assessor

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Township Council

Byram Township Employee Handbook