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Planning and Zoning Flow Charts:

The following flowcharts have been created to provide guidance for the typical zoning and planning applications.  Individual applications may have additional requirements.  You are encouraged to contact staff for questions.

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The following links include information relative to the Village Center Plan.

020817 Byram VC Condensed Information - This is from the Township's Highland's Petition for Plan Conformance.  It is the section that includes the recommendation report for the Highland's designated center.  Also, I have included slides from a Highland's presentation that speaks specifically to the Village Center.

Housing Element and Fair Share Plan - section from the Township's adopted Fair Share Housing Plan that covers the Village Center.

240-59 - Zoning for the Village Center District, Form-Based Code.

240-79,80  VC Purpose, Design  - Purpose, intent, and design standards for the Village Center. 

VC Zone Aerial Map

VC District Regulating Map

VC Density Regulating Map

VC Height Regulating Map

Byram Center 'Flyover' Movie

Byram Township 'Flyover' Movie"






Sussex County Vision 2020


Joseph Sabatini

Director of Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement
973-347-2500 x129

The Office of Planning and Development is responsible for land use planning, zoning, and code enforcement.

Nicholas Cutrone

Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer
(973) 347-2500 x131

It shall be the duty of the Zoning and Code Enforcment Officer to investigate any violation whether by complaint or from his own personal knowledge or observation.
The Zoning and Code Enforcment Officer  shall enforce all of the provisions of the Zoning Code and Property Maintenance Code and any other Chapter of the Byram Township Municipal code as appropriate.
Click for Zoning Code:  Chapter 240 Zoning
Click for Property Maintenance Code:  Chapter 186 Property Maintenance

Caitlin Phillips

Technical Assistant Land Use
(973) 347-2500 x132