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Parks and Recreation Plan

Posted: January 25, 2019

From the Office of the Mayor:

Our recreational lands and facilities are some of the many wonderful resources within our Township.  Over the last fifteen years, the Township Council – guided by the Open Space Committee - has made wise investments with the acquisition of numerous tracts of land and some development work. It is now time to plan for the ongoing future use and development of the assets that we as residents own and enjoy.

The Township Council has engaged an outside consultant (Greener by Design) to help us understand those needs. During the next year, they will be helping us identify and inventory all of the assets that we own, including property, fields, facilities and trails. They will engage the public by way of an online survey, and will spend considerable time meeting with residents, employees, visitors, property owners, sporting clubs, and anyone else who cares to offer comments and opinions for us to consider moving forward.

At the end of the process, there will be a formal set of recommendations made to the town and a plan that shapes our recreational development over the next several years. This plan will help the Council and Township Management understand what is important to you, and most importantly will help us understand what grants or funding opportunities exist to accomplish the goals of the plan. Byram Township has many great assets, not only in land and facilities, but also in the residents and business owners who care and want to see improvement in this area. We are here to listen.

See link to press release that outlines the process in detail. We look forward to engaging you in dialogue over the next year.  February 2019 - Press Release


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