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Lubbers Run and C-1 Classification by NJ DEP

Posted: June 08, 2017

Ever wonder what is meant by a Category One (C-1) classification on a body of water?   NJ DEP has responsibility to determine this and has recently upgraded its definition of a C-1 waterbody.  This revised definition includes waters protected from measurable changes in water quality because of its clarity, color, scenic setting, other characteristics of aesthetic value, exceptional ecological significance, exceptional recreational significance, exceptional water supply significance or exceptional fisheries resources.   The result of this upgraded definition is that NJ will increase its C-1 waterbodies by approximately 910 river miles!   

Byram Township is fortunate to have one such waterbody designated as C-1.   A portion of Lubbers Run obtained C-1 classification in 2008.   The Environmental Commission is very diligent in ensuring this body of water is properly protected, has supported clean-ups along its shore line and participated in water level studies with the local schools.  Property owners within a certain distance from a C-1 waterbody are subject to stricter requirements in order to better preserve the waterbody.

For a summary of the C-1 classification information from NJ DEP, click here.  

Please continue to do your part to keep all of our scenic waterways clean and keep Byram Green!   Thank you.


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