Owner Responsibilities and Requirements

Posted: March 19, 2009

It is the Owner or Contractor's responsibility to request all required inspections at least 24 hours prior to the time needed. Inspections are to be performed within (3) business days. Please call the Construction Office at (973) 347-2500 x123 when the work is completed so a final inspection can be done and a Certificate issued. When calling for an inspection, leave permit #, block, lot, name of owner, and address. It is the owner's obligation to call this office every six (6) months maximum to let us know the status of the work. Failure to call for inspections and proceeding to the next phase of work is a violation of the code, and could result in a fine of $500.00 and a termination of permit. If you have any questions in regard to permits, call the building department and they will let you know if a permit is required. The following are some common types of buildings that require permits:

Requirements: Building Permit
If you are removing old shingles, ice and water shield is required before installing new shingles. If you are putting new shingles over old ones, a maximum of two layers are allowed. Call for inspection when job is complete.

Requirements: Zoning, Building, Electric, and Plumbing Permits
You must fill out zoning, building, electric and plumbing (if pool is heated) applications. Once the applications are approved, call for inspections when: the hold is dug (if inground pool only) and a rough electric setup (trench dug with wires in hole, must be 18" deep) is completed. When pool is finished, call for final inspections.

Requirements: Building and Zoning Permits
Once application is approved, call for footing inspection (before concrete is poured). Call at the end of the job for final inspection.

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